Increased conversion and activation on a significant campaign spend

UI/UX optimization, mass social acquisition campaigns, and tableau implementation for a leading e-commerce startup.

This was a collaborative project where we worked to guide internal team members on web development, design, and execution. 

Our collaborative work together was focused on driving high volumes of leads through paid digital channels and implementing sophisticated reporting systems to visualize the lifetime purchase journey of acquired customers.

Facebook Advertising 

The majority of this massive budget was leveraged through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Facebook Advertising was the key lever in this ad campaign. We used the platform to target interest rich data to find our best CPA across all digital channels.

Google Ads 

Leveraged google ads to build supplemental and additional traffic that was not accessible in Facebook. Primarily targeting high value, high intent keywords for the business.

Tableau & CRM

Understanding campaign activation data is the lynchpin of success for any business. In order to understand acquisition data from an internally managed database we turned to Tableau as our reporting and visualization solution. 

Technology used:

Key stats:

  • Conversion rate increase: 14%
  • Account activations: 35%
  • +11% increase in key website and app events

“Growing our online advertising with Brandalytics was a seamless experience. Their knowledge of online conversion helped us create a data driven model on CPA investments with predictable & profitable performance.”

Mark Bachman, CEO

Creative optimization with existing assets

We did not have the luxury of building sophisticated marketing assets at the time, but we did have the luxury of beautiful creative from the startup’s partners. Thanks to the business structure, we were enabled to leverage creative from brands that drove FlipGive’s key purchases, such as Nike.

We evolved from a team based messaging set that targeted members of youth sports teams that needed to fundraise, to a brand based messaging targeted to consumers that purchase specific brands in the FlipGive offering. This enabled us to speak to the audience in a language they are familiar with and significantly decrease click costs, and increase rates of conversions. Multiple landing pages were built to match the user experience as they journeyed through the onboarding funnel.


This is an example of some of the Nike creative we had the luxury of using for our campaigns.

UI/UX improvements

FlipGive is built for teams. It’s UI/UX needed to represent this, and the platform needed to enable team invites at a higher rate of participation. More team members means more sales, and more money raised. Initial onboarding attempts brought users into immediate purchase funnels that may have lacked context, and the inherit ability to invite team members prior to joining. We worked collaboratively with the team to implement new onboarding designs and functionalities that achieved this goal.

FlipGive onboarding Process

The newly redesigned FlipGive onboarding process allows for easy team member addition which is a key event for the company.

We were all very pleased with how impactful the changes where. When measuring team revenues before and after the switch there was a siginificant increase in value most likely correlated with the additional uptake in team members. You can read more about our detailed methodology in our blog post here.

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