One central source of truth for your data

Fully integrated reporting dashboard and automated emails

If you manage your organization’s data you know the importance of having a central source of truth for your marketing insights.

We offer a proprietary reporting software that can be integrated with all of your marketing platforms that currently supports over 70 integrations. 

We can help you customize dashboards for specific parts of your organization and high level marketing insights. Deliver reports based on your custom cadences and give access to different members of your team.

Endless integrations: we currently support over 70 integrations and are always adding new platforms.

Fully integrated reporting dashboard

All Your Marketing Data In One Place

Connect to over 70 marketing channels and apps to automate your reporting.
marketing channels
Social Media Platforms | SMM | SMO
Pinterest ads | Rank tracker | Sales tracker | Salesforce | Integrated Reporting Tools

Our Dashboards

Here is a sample of different types of dashboard and integrated tools that can be displayed in email reports and on screen dashboards.

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