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On targeting the visually impaired through digital channels.


eSight owns the unique challenge of targeting the visually impaired through digital channels. Our work together focused on optimizing campaigns in Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords to attract individuals with vision loss and reduce overall cost per customer acquisition.


Our data challenge was to enable eSight with the proper tracking and qualification metrics in Salesforce to make informed decisions. eSight was already armed with stunning creative that they provided to us for the uses of our campaign build this creative was managed by the talented Jeff Fenton.




11 million video views, 84.6% qualification rate


Using a video led strategy we gained maximum exposure for the eSight brand generating over 11 million views of our most optimized ad serving. However, views are nice, leading revenue metrics are better…


Using forms on their website eSight was able to understand who would be a great fit for their product, and who wouldn’t. Specifically by identifying people with conditions that the product could actually remedy. We’re proud to say that we drove 11,689 leads to the business in our time working together, 84.6% which were qualified to use their product.



Salesforce tracking


Working internally with the eSight team we provided guidance on tracking and collaborating within the companies salesforce instance, specifically on tracking qualified users and revenue down to their very source.
This enabled the business to prune off and further invest into lines of acquisition that were and weren’t profitable for the company.


“Brandalytics is simply exceptional. With their personal touch and customized strategy, they really make you feel like you’re their only client, and yet their results scream experience and professionalism. We trust Brandalytics with a massive budget and scope of work, and day after day, they deliver. Thank you, Brandalytics for coming on board very quickly and helping us steer our ship in the right direction.” Jeff Fenton, Director of Marketing


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