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A community for artists to share their work, over 590,000 submissions and counting

We created the #flashworkers community for a client in the tattoo space who wanted to engage audiences online beyond his personal and shop pages. Since our creation of this artist focused community, we’ve generated over 600,000 submissions to the audience hashtag and over 32k followers. Furthermore, this community is tracked down funnel to have produced significant amounts of revenue for the tattoo shop in question.


Community engagement

This project has one metric that matters, community engagement as a factor of hashtag submissions as this is still a pre-revenue community. We’ve now set our targets on 1M submissions before we activate this community in a meaningful monetary manner.

The key motivation behind this brand account is to share artist work incentive free – it would do the community a disservice to give certain artists preference over others. We share this as a lesson for brands trying to engage existing or new communities – success in engagement comes in authenticity, it is not manufactured nor preferential.


We are #flashworkers

We didn’t just create a brand and a hashtag we created a movement. We are #flashworkers helps us to increase engagement and followers vs static hashtags. This slogan allows us to create a connection with audiences that is larger than the brand or the individual itself. We started the brand as #flashworkers, and with the quick strategic modification we’ve increased our rate of participation significantly.


“It’s difficult to stand out in the Instagram community for tattoo artists, so creating compelling brand experience that has an opportunity for users to convert down funnel delivered just that.” Founding Partner, FORM.ink


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