• Client

    Platinum Capital Connect
  • Role

    Acquisition, Advisory
  • Year

  • Platforms

    Web & Mobile

Targeting qualified homeowners and prospective buyers to make use of home lending services.


We worked with Platinum Capital Connect to lead their direct acquisition efforts through online channels and to measure, and optimize their experience through CRM and marketing automation platforms. Our close relationship has also allowed us to provide executive direction for the firm’s marketing as they re-shape into a new entity.


Executive marketing guidance


Being new to the market, one of our challenges and tasks was to provide needed guidance to the firm that would provide meaningful results. We directed the firm to build a smoke test with the PCC brand to evaluate the efficacy of digital marketing as a means of success for the business.


As per our results below, we have considered this study a positive success and are eagerly awaiting working on the second generation of this mortgage lending business.


76% market share, 565% return on ad spend


We led the companies direct marketing efforts reaching out to qualified home owners in the secondary mortgage space who where searching for their services. Implementing best in class practice and digital marketing methodology we were able to help the company achieve a 76% market share on our target searches within one month.


If you truly know us, you know that it’s our results that make us happy. Integrated efforts across the PCC digital transformation initiative resulted in an immediate return on ad spend of 565% visualized through CRM.


“We worked with Brandalytics on the Launch of our new business Platinum Capital Connect. Starting a new Business in the Financial Services area is a difficult task. Finding a niche and setting yourself apart certainly presents challenges. With their help we were able to target the right clients and convert theme to closed deals. I highly recommend Brandalytics, the service and results are excellent.” Ely Benzaquen, Partner



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