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    Rosen & Kirshen Tax Law
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    Transformation, Acquisition
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    Web & Mobile
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Digital transformation, art direction, and acquisition for Toronto’s leading tax lawyers. Five years running.


Over the past five years we’ve worked with Rosen & Kirshen Tax Law to digitally transform their web presence to a fully integrated ecosystem. This is wholly important as we lead direct marketing efforts to understand revenue correlations from the initial user click-to-sale.


We have also lent an advisory role on art direction for our efforts in web development, design, and web photography work working with RKTL’s preferred vendor Shael Rosen.





Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing


A core service we provide for the firm is the direction and execution on all search engine marketing efforts and PPC efforts in Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, and other PPC channels. It’s a necessity for the firm to be visible when people search for their core services to continue to expand into Canadian markets. We track a positive ROAS over 447% with the firm in our relationship.


We also deliver upon constant content recommendations to help the RKTL team reach a maximum amount of prospective clients through Google organic search. To date we have helped the firm achieve an increase of 3400% in organic search traffic since we have been working together.


Sample statistics to protect the confidentiality of our relationship.


Platforms and Analytics


It’s impossible to provide a clear line of sight on digital activities and return on investment without the proper tracking and measurement tools. At the marketing level we’ve helped to enable the firm with specific website measurements and goals to help indicate performance and make the correct decisions for digital channels.


CRM, Marketing automation tools, call tracking and more. We pride ourselves on building and managing fully integrated ecosystems to help businesses understand the true lifetime value of their customers and to engage them in new and exciting ways.


“Working with Brandalytics has been fantastic. It allows us to focus on our business knowing that our online presence is being managed and constantly tweaked to ensure best results. 10/10 would recommend.” Jeff Kirshen, Founding Partner


Sample data from the HERO call tracking platform.


If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your business build beautiful experiences, gain more exposure in online channels, and optimize digital measurements and CRM/Marketing automation processes – please head over to our contact page where you can schedule a free consultation with our strategists. We’ll get back to you immediately.


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