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Dear Brands, Facebook Videos Are Not A Cheaper Source Of Conversions

Dear Brands, Facebook Videos Are Not A Cheaper Source Of Conversions But they are a cheaper source of impressions, if that’s what you need. For years Facebook and agency partners have been preaching the immense success rates of video advertising. And they’re not stretching the truth, but the claim does not paint a full picture […]

How FlipGive Used Facebook To Drive 10x ROAS

How FlipGive Used Facebook To Drive 10x ROAS The Problem: is looking to grow its user base and drive sustainable revenue. Other acquisition channels such as Google, through partner, affiliate, proved costly and in-efficient. Partner:, FlipGive is an online shopping platform that allows groups to shop online and earn cash back Scope: 100K budget, 8 months […]

How To Contact Google Adwords

Getting in touch with Google Adwords can be essential to running a well oiled campaign. A team of representatives is always available to take your calls 24 hours/day, 7 days per week. If you’re looking to set up a new Google Adwords account, or looking for technical support from the Google Adwords team, this article […]

Why Influencer Marketing Is Here To Stay (And Never Really Left)

“Influencer Marketing” is rightfully becoming one of the biggest trends in the world of digital promotion. Nearly 60% of marketers plan to boost – or create – influencer marketing budgets in the upcoming calendar year. As a marketer who believes in the power endorsement I’m thrilled about these developments. Specifically, the adoption of new technologies that can drive the […]

IS A/B Testing Completely Useless?

Not entirely.  A/B and Multivariate testing can be truly useful in the right situations when defined by desired outcomes and the proper inputs. It can also be incredibly harmful when placing too much emphasis on its results, and when reading into the wrong data sets. I’d like to share my experiences with A/B testing, proven results, […]