Why Your Business Should Be Using Call Tracking Software

Nick Metha

Every business should be using call tracking software. 

And this is not only for digital based business. If you expect to get phone calls from your visitors, you need to use a call tracking software to gain optimal performance and insights from your marketing campaigns.

The ways in which a call tracking software can be used are not limited to, but as follows:

Validating Lead Generation Data

A common problem between marketers and operation teams is validating call volume and product performance from phone calls. This problem has now been solved.

Using a tracking software, like HERO for example, allows teams to see call data in real time by source, by channel, and even by keyword. The tools enable call recording so that executive teams can listen in on consumer-business calls and understand pain points and bottle necks.

Automatic lead scoring and extended features can help you identify key performing segments of phone call users.

Call tracking software can be used on non-digital campaigns as well such as Direct Mail, Newspaper/Magazine Ads, Radio Ads and more.

Integrations with CRM and Marketing Automation Tools

A proper tracking software will integrate with your favorite CRM and marketing automation tools giving your business the full picture lens of a user’s performance from initial impression to communication patterns with the business, to life time value.

Creating this visibility from calls is imperative to understanding the wholistic journey of users as well as optimize the performance of your sales team.

Providing Qualitative Value On Marketing Campaigns

We all love data. And data rocks. But hard numbers aren’t always the end all and be all when it comes to understanding your business. Sometimes, qualitative feedback is necessary.

Without being able to actual hear how your customers are interacting with your sales team, executives are left in the dark as to real insights being shared with your team. Call recordings also provide opportunities for executives to provide qualitative feedback and training to staff based on learnings.

Nick Metha