Why You Need To Use A Call Tracking Software For Your Marketing Campaigns

Marci Guerra

You’ve just launched your latest campaign. Your organization has received a slew of interest in the form of web submissions, on-site actions, forms being filled out, and other key performance indicators. You’ve also received a slew of phone calls from your latest out of home billboard, to your sales representatives, and from your website. Awesome, now it’s time to track and analyze.

But there’s a problem; your standard analytics platform does not contain any data about your phone calls. Your website was never setup to handle this, and your out of home advertising is using a standard phone number.

Don’t fret. There’s a solution. It comes in the form of the usage of call tracking platforms. And these platforms are enabled to track all of your call data. They can visualize what sources your calls came from (such as Adwords, Google Organic Search, Facebook, etc) and record call data for organizational sharing purposes. Call tracking platforms can even help your out of home advertising as a sophisticated organization would venture to place call tracking numbers on their billboards, bus shelter, and other out of home advertising to verify that their marketing is producing the results they have intended.

Below, we will elaborate on a few of the reasons you should be using a call tracking platform for your campaigns.

Source Tracking

What source do your calls come from. Call tracking platforms like ours, help you to analyze the source your calls originate from. Is your Google Ads campaign producing calls, or are they all coming from organic search.

Our call tracking platform can help you identify this.

Call Recording

Record all calls for your organizational purposes. A good call tracking platform should offer call recording functionality. This may be leveraged at a later date by managers for QA, or for group analysis across departments.

CRM Integrations

Your call tracking platform MUST integrate with your CRM to provide fullsome data. Analyze marketing performance from first call, to final sale on your customer profile.

Sophisticated call tracking platforms (like the one we offer) will be able to integrate with your CRM’s such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Pardot and many other digital tool sets.

Text Message Tracking

Not just for phone calls. Call tracking platforms can be leveraged to report on and record text message content, source, and historical data.

Be creative with your marketing campaigns. With our call tracking software you can now even track text message data.

Marci Guerra

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