Google Ads Account Manager: Guide for Businesses of All Budgets

Daniel Phillips

For businesses looking to leverage Google Ads for their digital marketing strategies, having a dedicated account manager can be a game-changer. However, it’s essential to understand that Google account managers are typically available for businesses with substantial advertising budgets. In this article, we will shed light on the eligibility criteria for Google Ads account managers and explore alternative support resources available for businesses below the $25,000/month spending threshold.

Understanding Google Ads Account Managers

Google Ads account managers are seasoned professionals employed by Google to provide personalized support and guidance to businesses with significant ad spending. They are experts in optimizing ad campaigns, identifying growth opportunities, and maximizing return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

The $25,000/month Spending Threshold

As of the current guidelines (September 2021), Google typically offers dedicated account managers to businesses that spend more than $25,000 per month on their Google Ads campaigns. This spending threshold is designed to cater to larger enterprises with substantial advertising budgets.

Benefits of Google Account Managers

For businesses meeting the spending criteria, having a Google Ads account manager can offer several advantages:

a. Personalized Support: Account managers work closely with advertisers, understanding their goals and tailoring strategies to achieve them.

b. Campaign Optimization: These experts use their knowledge and experience to optimize campaigns for improved performance.

c. Advanced Insights: Google account managers provide valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to make informed decisions.

d. Troubleshooting: In case of any issues, account managers act as a point of contact to address problems promptly.

Google Ads Account Manager

While Google Ads account managers are indeed a valuable resource for businesses with substantial budgets, they are only available for those spending more than $25,000 per month on their campaigns.

Support Resources for Businesses Below the Threshold

While dedicated account managers may not be available for businesses below the $25,000/month spending threshold, Google still offers a plethora of resources to help advertisers succeed:

a. Google Ads Help Center: The Google Ads Help Center is a comprehensive repository of articles, guides, and tutorials covering various aspects of Google Ads. Advertisers can find answers to their queries and learn about best practices.

b. Google Ads Support Forum: The Google Ads Support Forum is a community-driven platform where advertisers can ask questions, share experiences, and get advice from peers and experts.

c. Google Ads Academy: Google’s free online learning platform offers courses and certifications for advertisers to enhance their knowledge and skills related to Google Ads.

d. Google Ads YouTube Channel: Google maintains an official YouTube channel where advertisers can find informative videos on using Google Ads effectively.

e. Google Ads Blog: The Google Ads Blog regularly publishes updates, insights, and success stories to keep advertisers informed about the latest developments and strategies.


While Google Ads account managers are indeed a valuable resource for businesses with substantial budgets, they are only available for those spending more than $25,000 per month on their campaigns. However, Google provides an array of helpful resources, including the Google Ads Help Center, Support Forum, Academy, YouTube Channel, and Blog, to assist businesses of all budget levels in achieving success with their advertising endeavors. By leveraging these resources effectively, advertisers can optimize their Google Ads campaigns, enhance their ROI, and reach their business objectives, regardless of their ad spend.

Daniel Phillips

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