Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website 2022

Nick Metha

This article will take a look at the best wordpress plugins for your website. There are thousands of wordpress plugins, we’ve included what we consider to be essential for your website’s success.

The 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

#1 – Yoast SEO – Best SEO Plugin

This is probably your best seo plugin for wordpress. It will be one of your essential tools in optimizing your content for search engines.

Yoast SEO provides a handful of amazing features for your website such as: Search and social appearance, meta tag information, and a neat and handy tool to help optimize your page content by keyword.

#2 – Nitro Pack – Best WordPress Plugin for Site Speed

We’ve written about NitroPack before. NitroPack is a must have for your website whether you are using a free or paid version.

NitroPack’s main purpose is to speed up your page load time. It does this with a wide range of features from CSS and Javascript minimization, reducing file and image sizes, and other speed saving measures to ensure the optimal performance of your website.

The reason this is so helpful to your website is two fold.

  1. It creates a better experience for your visitors
  2. It can help improve search rankings as page load speed is an important factor for SEO optimization

#3 – Header Footer Code Management – Best Code Injection Plugin

As you build out your website you’re going to have tonnes of code to place in your header and your footer. You’ll have code from Google analytics, Hubspot, call tracking services, click monitoring services and what ever integrations you can dream of.

Using a header/footer code management system can simplify your life. Sure, you can easily paste a code into the header section of your theme (if you are comfortable editing html) but updates can frequently cause your code to disappear.

Using HF/CM you can easily integrate lines of code into your header that will seamlessly update with your theme. This will save you tonnes of headaches, trust us.

#4 – Yet Another Related Post Plugin – Best WordPress Plugins for Related Posts

Every wordpress website needs a related post plugin. Most themes come with an out of the box tool that simply does not do the job.

Use this tool to display related posts in a wide range of outcomes for your website. You can also use it for related page content too.

#5 – Limit Login Attempts Reloaded – Best Security Plugin for WordPress

best wordpress plugins

Limit login attempts is one of the best wordpress security plugins for your website. As the title suggests, this plugin helps to limit logins from malicious attacks on your website. You’ll want to ensure you set this up on your site as WordPress is known to be vulnerable to login and brute force attacks.

By default the plugin will limit logins to 3 attempts for security purposes, but this can be easily manipulated in the settings.

Nick Metha

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