How to Prevent AdWords Click Fraud


What is AdWord Click Fraud?

To understand how to prevent AdWords click fraud, we first need to know what it is. In short, this type of fraud occurs when a website operator spoofs PPC advertisements in order to increase site revenue or deplete a company’s advertising budget. That is to say that these type of fraudsters perform click spamming so they can capture pay per click (PPC) budgets by flooding ads with false clicks. For those who don’t know what spoofing is, provides this definition:

“Spoofing is a broad term for the type of behavior that involves a cyber-criminal masquerading as a trusted entity or device to get you to do something beneficial to the hacker — and detrimental to you. Any time an online scammer disguises their identity as something else, it’s spoofing.”

How does that apply to AdWords click fraud? Well, this technique hides, tampers with, or mismatches the domain where traffic originates from. While there are a few ways spoofing can make it easier for click fraud to occur, click bots are a shining example of malicious ad fraud. The bad bots perform repetitive tasks, and work to “click” on PPC ads. They are able to mimic real human interactions, and perform at incredibly fast rates.

Click bots are a prime example of why click fraud is an illegitimate practice. As such, there have been tools developed that tell us how to prevent AdWords click fraud and pay per click malpractice, whether it’s through unintentional clicks or the use of any malicious software. 

Top-rated Click Fraud and Ad Fraud Prevention Service

One such tool is ClickCease™, and it is the leading click fraud prevention service. It is an AdWord click-fraud detection and protection service software, and it has an expansive consumer base. ClickCease™ software offers campaign monitoring as well as automated real-time IP and user blocking. Additionally, it has a site recorder, custom detection rules, and provides detailed reports. ClickCease™ also comes with around the clock support services that help address any concerns there may be regarding customer accounts.

Simply put, in order to prevent AdWords click fraud, ClickCease™ monitors, detects and blocks fraudsters from visiting your Google, Facebook, and Bing ads. With this software, harmful sources are blocked from seeing your ads. These harmful sources include competitors, click farms, and bad bots. By preventing fraudulent activity, ClickCease™ ensures that your impressions are accurate without breaking your advertising budget.

With varying degrees of protection available, there are click fraud plans that suit a wide range of needs. From five thousand to ten thousand monthly visits, ClickCease™ can cover everything from single platform protection to bot protection for WordPress websites. Packages can include competitor analysis as well as domain setup, and account management is available. 


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