How To Create Disavow List For Google Search Console

Jenna Lambert

A disavow list is a tool that can be used to tell Google that certain links to your website should not be taken into account when determining the relevance and credibility of your website. This can be useful if you have a lot of low-quality or spammy links pointing to your site, as these links can harm your search engine rankings.

Here are the steps to create a disavow list and submit it to Google Search Console:

  1. Identify low-quality or spammy links: The first step in creating a disavow list is to identify which links you want to disavow. This can be done by using a tool like Ahrefs or Majestic to analyze the backlinks to your site. Look for links from low-quality or spammy websites, as well as links that use keywords or anchor text that is not relevant to your website.
  2. Create a disavow file: Once you have identified the links that you want to disavow, you will need to create a disavow file. This file should be a plain text file, with one link per line. Each link should be preceded by the “domain:” operator, which tells Google to ignore all links from that domain. For example, if you want to disavow all links from, you would add “” to your disavow file.
  3. Submit the disavow file to Google Search Console: To submit the disavow file to Google, you will need to log in to your Google Search Console account and select your website. Under the “Search Traffic” menu, select “Links to Your Site”. On this page, you will see a button to “Disavow links”. Click this button and upload your disavow file.
  4. Monitor your backlinks: After you have submitted your disavow file, you should monitor your backlinks to ensure that the low-quality or spammy links have been removed. This can be done by using a tool like Ahrefs or Majestic to track your backlinks over time.

Please note that using the disavow tool is a serious action and can cause harm to your site if used incorrectly. It is advisable to use this tool only if you believe that your site is being penalized by Google due to low-quality or spammy links pointing to your site. And it is important to be cautious and double check all the links before submitting the file.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the disavow process may take a few weeks for Google to process and the effect may not be seen immediately.

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Jenna Lambert

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