Why Hire a PPC Agency – The Benefits of Hiring a PPC Agency

Nick Metha

Your business has found its niche. It’s starting to gain some traction and now you’re looking for new customers. You’ve tried PPC (pay per click) marketing before and you’ve found some success and you’re looking for help gaining even more qualified traction.

At this point you may be asking yourself, can I do this on my own? Or should I be hiring a PPC agency?

This article will explore the benefits of hiring a PPC agency for your business such as experienced management, time savings, interpreting google adwords and facebook advertising recommendations and why it can significantly boost your return on ad spend.

Experienced PPC Management

When looking to scale your ppc campaigns you’ll want to work with experienced PPC managers who can help your business grow through paid advertising without affecting your bottom line.

A good pay per click company has experience in a wide range of demographics from local services, to startups, to professional firms and they will be able to help evaluate if your business is a good fit to scale through paid ads, or not.

Stay away from must sells. Not every business has the profit margins, unit economics, or demand to scale through paid digital advertising. There is no guarantee of success using ppc ads and a strong PPC agency will help to evaluate your likelihood of finding new customers.

Time Savings

We’re all good at something right? But we can’t all be good at everything.

Working with a talented ppc agency helps you to excel at what you do best, while they can focus on running your paid ads in the most effective manner. From a growth stand point we believe an effective PPC agency will enable you to grow by focusing on your client’s needs rather than your acquisition efforts.

At scale, your acquisition efforts will be a full time job. Monitoring your analytics platforms, ppc advertising platforms, website conversion experiences and related tools all require hours per day for effective performance.

Interpreting Google and Facebook Advertising Recommendations

A proficient PPC agency will be your guide. Not the free help that comes from Google and Facebook advertising representatives. While they can be helpful, they are usually more harmful to your campaigns than good.

This is because the recommendations that come from these reps aren’t inherently evil, but because they are not familiar enough with your business to have true down funnel impact. Most of the recommendations you receive from these representatives tend to lead to more clicks for your website but lower conversions, thus leaving you in a spot of negative ROI.

Why a PPC Agency Can Increase Your Return On Ad Spend

Working with a talented PPC agency should help you significantly increase your return on ad spend. Their familiarity with the tool set, experience with your industry, and ability to allow you to focus on what you do best can significantly affect your bottom line.

Once again, providing that you are finding customers and have solid profitability on your marketing campaigns there is no reason that a PPC agency won’t be able to help you scale and find new customers. But we eager you to be wary of agencies that guarantee instant success as pay per click marketing is not necessarily a good fit for all businesses.

Nick Metha

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