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Why Your Business Should Be Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that helps you manage your website, stay up to date with marketing trends, and improve many aspects of your business. Whether you’re already using Google Analytics and want to find more ways to utilize it, or are considering the use of this tool in your business for the first […]

Why Your Business Should Be Using Call Tracking Software

Every business should be using call tracking software.  And this is not only for digital based business. If you expect to get phone calls from your visitors, you need to use a call tracking software to gain optimal performance and insights from your marketing campaigns. The ways in which a call tracking software can be […]

IS A/B Testing Completely Useless?

Not entirely.  A/B and Multivariate testing can be truly useful in the right situations when defined by desired outcomes and the proper inputs. It can also be incredibly harmful when placing too much emphasis on its results, and when reading into the wrong data sets. I’d like to share my experiences with A/B testing, proven results, […]