Why Your Business Should Be Using Marketing Automation Tools

Charlie Horner

What is Marketing Automation anyway?

Marketing Automation refers to types of software that automate, and measure workflows and marketing, streamlining them in a way that boosts efficiency of operation. This, in turn, can help increase the speed with which revenue rises.

Still in its infancy and somewhat developmental stage, marketing automation is often so complex that even the vendors of the systems themselves still sometimes struggle to operate them. But this complexity does not negate the fact that marketing operating tools can vastly improve your business, both in the way that it runs and the revenue it makes.

Why should you consider implementing some of these tools in your business? Have a look at some of the reasons below.

Time Saver

Marketing automation saves you both money and time, which is invaluable in any business, large or small. Startup coach Ehsan Jahandarpour, and marketing consultant Brian Downward came up with a fantastic infographic on how marketing automation does this, (you can find it here https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/save-time-and-money-marketing-automation-infographic), but here are some of the great points they made:

  • Automating your adverts and social media posts might save you around 6 hours per week
  • Automating your online outreach efforts could boost reply rates by almost 250%
  • 80% of time used to set up meetings and appointments can be saved using these automated tools

Those figures alone should be enough to convince you how much time can be saved using marketing automation tools, and every business owner knows: time is money.


It’s been shown in reports, such as those by Marketing Land (https://marketingland.com/study-70-brands-personalizing-emails-missing-higher-transaction-rates-revenue-73241) that personalized emails can increase transaction rates by 6 times, but despite that the majority of brands do not use them.

A good marketing tool will easily enable you to personalize your content to include things like the name of the recipient in an email blast. This goes a long way to making sure your email is read and not just marked as spam. This in turn should increase your engagement level.

Understand customer behaviour

Most business owners will tell you that the most massive shift in marketing over the last few years is that your customers should no longer be considered a “target audience”, but rather an individual person. And because social media is available to all, the ease with which companies can then interact with those individuals is massive.

Some experts say that far more important than lead generation is customer engagement. Implementing a market automation tool can enable you to get an idea of the habits and interests of those individuals – understanding the customer is half the battle in creating and marketing products and services that appeal to them.

The conclusion?

If you are serious about growing your followers, online presence, and ultimately business, marketing automation tools are an absolute must-have. While it may seem a large expense at first glance, the increased revenue that can result from these tools will be well worth it. Plus, you’ll get the time and manpower back that was spent on managing these tasks alone, and nothing is more valuable than that.