Why Your Business Should Be Using Google Analytics

Charlie Horner

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that helps you manage your website, stay up to date with marketing trends, and improve many aspects of your business. Whether you’re already using Google Analytics and want to find more ways to utilize it, or are considering the use of this tool in your business for the first time, there are many different ways it can help your business grow and succeed – here are just a few.

Understand your first impression

The first time people click on or visit your website is crucially important in capturing their attention, especially if it’s the first time they’ve had any contact with your brand and business. Google Analytics allows you to see how many people “bounced” after viewing your website, usually meaning it didn’t capture their attention or give them what they were looking for.

If you can use Google Analytics to determine which pages have a high bounce rate, then you can tweak and change these pages – optimize them, alter the design, edit the content – and hopefully create more conversions from browsers to customers.

See where you rank in search engines

The importance of this cannot be overstated. Even if you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the role it should play in your website, you can use Google Analytics to climb higher up the search engine ladder. It will allow you to see what’s working, and what key phrase or word is leading people to your website.

This kind of information is so valuable in generating business with the minimum amount of manpower – by getting your website to work for you you decrease the amount of time you personally have to spend generating those leads yourself.

Study your competitors

Having some insight into the traffic and rankings of your competitors gives you a idea of where your website is in relation to theirs. Perhaps they’re doing something you’re not? By understanding what that is and how they’ve utilised it, you can adapt your content to be more productive and competitive.

Fair warning though, beware of copying or mirroring what they have – search engines are more than wise to this, and your ranking will decrease with duplicated content. Rather, utilize Google Analytics to get an understanding of how your design and content can be adapted to increase the amount of visitors you get.

Understand your website’s compatibility

Google Analytics offers a fantastic insight into which browser is most popular amongst your visitors, and what devices they are using. Why does this matter? If your website isn’t optimised for the browser or device the vast majority of your visitors are using then they’re not likely to stick around.

Use this section of Google Analytics to make sure your site is fully optimised with every major browser and device. Keep in mind too that you shouldn’t just keep the new flashy devices in mind, but those older, more dated computers – there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t be able to get the most out of your site.