All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Stuck at (x) Percent – How to Fix

Nick Metha

Here’s a simple explanation to help you fix the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Stuck at (x) percent error. This will have you up and running in no time.

As we wrote about earlier, in our article on how to increase maximum file upload size in WordPress, you’re likely uploading an instance of your new them to your website. You’ve finally got passed the dreaded file size error, but now you’re encountering an issue with the migration plugin getting stuck at a certain percent.

Don’t fret. This happens often for many WordPress users and there is a simple fix.

Make Sure Your Maximum Execution Time is Set to Zero

This could be your error.

If your file size limit is in your acceptable range for the file you are trying to upload it is likely that the maximum execution time is interfering.

Set this time to ‘0’ and this will help to reduce the constraint on resources in the upload process. If this still doesn’t work, there is one more step you can take that should resolve the issue once and for all.

All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Stuck
A look into the backend of the increase maximum upload file size plugin. This free plugin allows you to manipulate your file size upload settings without having to edit any code in your .PHP templates.

Disable Any Security Plugins

Disable your security plugins. Just for the moment and only for the sake of this upload.

Security plugins like NitroPack, plugins that Minify CSS and Javascript, SSL plugins and others can interfere with the upload. This was the case for us when we built the Daniel’s Sweatpants website for one our clients.

Once you’ve done this and have completed the upload successfully you can simply turn your necessary plugins back on.

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And that’s how to fix the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin Stuck at (x) Percent error. Until next time!

Nick Metha

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