The Top 5 Internet Marketing Companies Who Will Invest in Your Success


There are a lot of internet marketing companies out there doing great work. Since that is the case, how do you refine your search for the best one to suit your needs? We all know that digital marketing has been overtaking traditional marketing methodology. As such, establishing an online presence has become an art form in high demand. Additionally, it is beneficial to build a partnership with an internet marketing company that is invested in your success. This is partly because that relationship will help your agency keep up with latest trends and innovations. Ultimately, it will help you can stay ahead of the competition.

In order to reach your target audience at the right time and in the right way, developing an online marketing strategy is necessary. Below are 5 of the best internet marketing companies across Canada, all of whom have what it takes to help you grow your business and make your presence known.

New Design Group: Performance Driven Marketing Company that Does More

Starting off the list and coming in at number five, New Design Group is a Toronto based- digital marketing agency. They are offering a wide range of business friendly services that are designed to meet your unique needs. In addition to branding, marketing and web design, New Design Group makes the argument that it’s not enough just to run your ads. To ensure effective digital marketing, ads must also combine creativity with strategies and social media big data to enhance your reach.

A quick look at their website and their reviews on a variety of internet platforms says a lot about what they can do for you. While their portfolio is impressive, there are four more online marketing agencies who offer similar services with their own flair.

Brainworks: The Growth Agency that Brings Community to Internet Marketing

In the fourth position is Brainworks with a team that thrives on helping ambitious people and companies realize their potential. Because they are driven by success, they focus on branding, video production, and advertising. Consequentially, this allows them build a digital presence for their clientele. From Moncton, NB, this company offers an exceptional range of services designed to meet project requirements. 

Brainworks has an exceptional record for online marketing. Because of their consistent on-time delivery and high-quality output, they are a popular firm. Moreover, their responsiveness to client needs and cost effectiveness has been mentioned in user reviews. Evidently, it is safe to assume that their track record is an indicator of the quality of digital marketing agencies that follow. Identifying themselves as “your marketing department”, Brainworks has a #loveforlocal and pride themselves on their work for community causes. 

Momentumm Digital: Inbound Marketing and Video Production

Momentumm is a digital marketing agency based in Montreal, Quebec. Their area of expertise is in acquisition, video production, and inbound marketing. This online marketing company uses their knowledge to help their clients grow their online presence.

Featuring pay per click services as well as search engine optimization and video production, Momentumm builds partnerships that help clients reach their marketing objectives. In part, they do this by increasing brand awareness. Additionally, they work to attract more leads. Ultimately, this results in converting more new customers with strategic digital marketing investments.

Noted in reviews as serious yet friendly, eager to meet deliverables, and proactive, Momentumm really is a serious competitor in web-based marketing, taking second place.

Brandalytics: Internet Marketing Company- Strategies that Work

Here we meet the brightest contender in the race for the title of Best Internet Marketing Company. Offering a broad range of necessary services and a personal touch, Brandalytics will develop a customized strategy to suit your brand needs.

They are one of the internet marketing companies that continually delivers. Furthermore, Brandalytics has a unique perspective on the needs of both startup and professional firms. First, they understand what it takes to drive traffic and increase your conversion rates. This ensures that you can focus on developing other key components of your business. Next, along with focusing on growth potentials, they are a digital marketing partner who understand key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance marketing. Lastly, Brandalytics uses expert data analysis to drive your success.

Providing a seamless experience and working as an extension of your team, Brandalytics is the internet marketing company who is as invested in your success as you are.  


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